Latest Romance Reading

I was just reading my last post on books, and just had to quickly blog about a series that I just finished reading. The series is the Moreno Brothers by Elizabeth Reyes. I was completely addicted to these books for about three weeks! They are only available digitally on Amazon, but it was a great find for me! Forever Mine, the first story, was being offered free. If you don’t know, one of my greatest things to do is read the free books on Amazon. Well, I read this book and immediately wanted to know more about Romero and Alex! So, guess what? That free purchase ended in me BUYING three additional books of the series. I’ve read them all except the book for the sister. I hope to get to that one eventually, but the boys were just so interesting to me that I couldn’t wait to read them. I will suggest them to any lover of romance books. What a great find!

Love this commercial

My current favorite commercial is the Geico one with the pig yelling wee out the window of a car. The fed up expression of the driver is PRICELESS. Weeeeeee. Weeeeeeee. We, we, weeeeeeee! 🙂 All while holding on to those darn carnival spinners!