Sex or Shoes? Today I told a friend that I had created a blog but I was struggling with what I wanted to write about on it or even if I wanted it to have a specific “tone”. Her reply, before she saw my message about not knowing what I wanted it to be about was, are you going to write about sex or shoes? Two things that I love but definitely did not think of blogging about. But her comment made me realize that I do want this blog to be very straight forward. I don’t want to worry about what someone will think of the things that I write which is a reason that I love that it’s mostly anonymous. So, what this blog will be about is me. The real me. Not the careful me that is afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings.


Today in my everlasting attempt to be healthy and lose weight, I walked 4.1 miles in the park. Now, I have walked in plenty of parks but my new 2 year old park near my house is the first one that it seems as if everyone feels the need to speak to you. I’m not sure if I’m annoyed by that or if I like it. Being the self-conscious person that I am, I often feel like they are watching me and thinking to themselves “oh, look at her out here trying to lose weight.” I know it’s all in my head, but its still how I feel.

This year I am trying to work on getting myself back together. The past year was such a struggle for me. Not only with my weight gain, but also financially. My good credit and good finances were some of the few things that I always felt that I had in hand. The economy and lost wages completely tore that to shreds. I’m working on it all though. My mom would definitely not be happy with my credit situation right now. One of the best pieces of advice that she gave me was to NEVER mess up my credit. It won’t be for long though. I will have it in hand this year. That is a promise.

Hello world!

I’ve created this blog because it’s something that I have always wanted to do.  Now I sit here and wonder exactly what I would like for this blog to be about.  I guess it will just be about me, my life, and the things that I would like to accomplish.  I currently have so many goals and as time goes by, I am sure I will speak about them.  Hopefully I will achieve one or two.   So, let’s begin and see where this road leads me.  If nothing else, I will get some great practice on my writing skills which has always been something that I’ve wanted.