Christmas Season is beginning

I am so excited for the holidays this year. I did very minimal decorations the last few years, but have decided to do it up right this year. It’s been a few years since I have taken out my tree, but this is going to be the year I start that up again. I have always loved Christmas. It is one of my favorite, if not my favorite holiday. The last few years have been a little bit of a downer but I’m feeling happy this year. Almost back to my normal self I think I am still working through my decorations but decided to start with my bonus room. I purchased the pillows from Target and I have a table top tree (not pictured) in front of one of the windows. I use this room as a sitting area/workout space/office space, so the little changes has given it a nice cozy holiday feeling. I have a pink theme in this room and decided to stick with that instead of changing it up entirely.

I hope that you all are ready for a great holiday season.

Talk soon!



She was 17 days older than me. We grew up in the same house so that should tell you that we were pretty close. Our bond at that time was the epitome of cousins being your first best friend. Charlotte Theresa Woodley was the life of any party and everyone loved her. I don’t need to tell anyone of the kind of person she was because if your knew her, you already know. The last time we spoke, it ended with I love you. I won’t get to say it again except to the sky. I love you! I will see you soon.

It’s Fall

Well, it’s finally fall. My favorite season is summer, however there is something about fall that is a little romantic. Watching the leaves turn colors and the crispness in the air is refreshing. It often becomes the season where I start to feel a little lonely as a single girl. Maybe it’s the hallmark movies that does that to me :-). Let’s be honest though…I can find a little romance in all the seasons but fall…it’s special.

Lately I have been finding myself trying to figure out what are the things that make me happy. I think this year and the past few actually, I have let my self care go a little. Maybe this fall is the time to start getting that back and going out to enjoy some social activities like walking in the park with a hot cup of cocoa. Putting my beautiful bedding on my bed to further “romanticize my life”.

Working on me. That’s going to be my theme for fall. Maybe I will finally go apple picking. I have always loved the idea of Fall Harvest so maybe it’s time to do some of the things that I have always wanted to do.

Til next time……

It’s been a long while

Well, it’s been a long six months since I’ve written on my blog. I’m still here! This year has been a roller coaster for us all, hasn’t it? And not the fun kind of roller coaster. It’s been the kind that you never want to ride again.

I’m slowly trying to get back into things that I love doing while trying to stay safe. COVID19, race relation issues, family losses and our political situation had taken its toll on me, but I’m realizing that I just have to keep pushing forward regardless of these things.

To keep my mental health in check, I stopped watching the news and just overly dramatic television a few years ago. My t.v. watching time is usually strictly the Hallmark Channel. If that doesn’t make you happy, nothing will. 🙂

I am, of course, on social media….TikTok being my latest obsession but I can’t handle a little seriousness mixed into ALL of the laughs they provide. Anyway…I just wanted to say that I hope that you are all doing well and keeping your spirits high.

Til next time…..

Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas 2020

If you have read some of my blogs, you know that I am a HUGE fan of the Hallmark Channel. Countdown to Christmas and Fall Harvest are my two favorite movie series on the channel…but let’s be real…they all are! I never miss a movie. I am so excited about this year’s holiday movies.

The biggest difference that everyone can notice this year is the diversity. I’ve never been prouder that Hallmarke is finally introducing an even more diverse group of actors and actresses to the line up. Don’t get me wrong, I love my staples such as Candace Cameron Bure, Lacey Chabert, Danica McKeller, Wes Brown, Victor Webster, Tyler Hynes and more but a newbie I have been enjoying is Chaley Rose. I’ve enjoyed both movies she has been in and even though I don’t think she has a Christmas movie this year, hopefully she gets a chance next year. So bring it on Hallmark! We have been ready for this.

Getting back to the Holiday movies though, I cannot wait to tally up the ones I enjoyed the most at the end of the season. I know they had a challenge getting us the 40 new movies for this season because of COVID, but they appear to have managed to pull it off.

In previous years, I saw every single one of the movies on the main Hallmark Channel and just a few on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. This year, though, they seem to have arranged the schedule so that the movies are perfectly timed so that we don’t have to make a decision as to which channel to watch. The new movie on the main channel starts at 8pm EST and the new movie on HMM starts at 10pm EST so that means there will be a LOT more movie watching for me this year.

Anyway, I am so excited for this years movies and can’t wait to see all of my favorites to make me have all of the holiday feelings! I’m still waiting waiting to meet some amazing guy by getting accidentally pummeled with a snowball! Hard to happen in GA, but a girl can dream, right? So, this year’s movies started on October 23, 2020. Happy Watching!

Til next time……


When I was around 7 years old, this curly haired dude with a limp came into my life. In the summer, we had our morning trips to his cousins tavern, which was closed during the day, so he could either work or shoot the shit. Not sure which, but I was given quarters to play in the little arcade that was in there until it was time for us to go so I didn’t care. My mom, him and I took drives in a big old, green Lincoln to do weekly shops and stuff. He was into his cars. In fact..I got yelled at all the time when I would drive up home and my car would be the dirtiest thing ever. He was the closest thing to a father that I had since my biological father was never there. Even though we had our ups and downs, he still remained in my life after my mom and his relationship ended. (I question whether it REALLY ended most of the time. lol)  He still kept up with me and called me on my birthday each year just to stay in touch.  In a way, I took that for granted.  I never thought he truly cared until recently when I was one of the first calls made to make me aware of being in the hospital due to COVID-19.  Anyway…thank you for being in my life John L. Peoples. I will never get the chance to tell you that.  Rest in Peace.

A couple of favorites

A few months ago before the craziness that we are now in, I went on a small shopping spree at the Shoppes of Atlanta.  The past year, I have been trying not to purchase new make up simply because I would like to use up all of the items that I have.  That didn’t stop me from stopping into The Cosmetics Store.  It also didn’t stop me from buying two new favorites that I added to my already full makeup drawers.  I know!  I am my own enabler.  🙂

I have been wearing this lipstick and blush pairing regularly since I got them.  The lipstick is by Mac and named Stay Curious.  It is one of their Powder Kiss lipsticks.  I absolutely love it.  It came out early last year I believe, but since I was in a no buy mindset, I had no idea it existed.  It has a matte look which is my favorite, but not drying.  It’s a very flattering color and I imagine it would be flattering on any skin tone.  I usually wear it with my chestnut lip liner but it’s really not necessary.  I can just throw it on and it looks great.

The blush I purchased is by Becca.  The color is Tigerlily.  It’s gorgeous and luminous.  I love blushed but just don’t go through them very quickly.  Knowing that, I’m glad that I seem to be using this one a lot and can actually see an indentation from use.   It almost makes me feel less guilty from purchasing it.

That’s just my rambled for today.  Everyone…take care and stay safe and healthy.

Til next time…….


Just Wow

What a crazy time we are in right now. This is my place to get my thoughts out but right now, I just can’t even think straight.

This all just seems like a really bad horror film. I feel like every time I touch something, that error message pops into my head and I have to go scrub my hands.

I hope that you all are doing as ok as you can.

Til next time…..

So many things…..


I know. I haven’t written a post in such a long time. I don’t really have any excuses on that. I think I ran steam to write about anything until now.

Last year in January, my best friend attempted to take her life. This year, two days ago, another of my best friends attempted to take her own life. Thankfully each of these have been unsuccessful, but I’m at the point where I feel helpless. My first friend is on the up and up and have been doing very well with therapy, a job change and just a mind reset. She’s good.
Now, for my other friend…she is in a state where I don’t think they take mental health issues as seriously as they do in Georgia. My first friend got excellent help.

I’m trying to look into what the laws are in TX. I’ve also gotten her significant other’s information to talk with him personally and tell him how serious this situation is. She needs more than a kind word. It’s beyond that. The thing is…sometimes people are struggling but they want to continue to put on the air of strength. That is my friend. She knows she is struggling but will say that she’s fine. I hope that I’m helping, but I also feel lost at not knowing what to say or do. All I do know is, these are tough and serious times. I now know that sometimes…professional help is the only answer.

That’s all I have for now….

Am I the toxic friend?



I’ve read several articles/books/stories about friendship and they all mention a toxic friend.  Now, I don’t think I’m the toxic friend, but lately I seem to be truly evaluating my existence as a friend.  It may be because it’s the holiday season where everyone is more attentive than usual that I begin to wonder “What type of friend am I?”

If you can’t tell by this blog, I’m a bit of a loner.  I have friends.  I have great friends.  I have friends that I have had for over twenty years.  Most of the time, though, I like to be alone.  After I leave work some nights, I don’t have a conversation with a single person other than myself…and I actually like it.  Perhaps it’s because I spend a lot of my day talking to coworkers and customers giving and taking instructions.  Dealing with issues and problems for eight to nine hours a day is draining. So often, when I leave, I just want peace and quiet.  Because of this, I often don’t call or see my friends enough.

So I ask, Am I a bad friend?  I’m always there for my friends.  That is a given.