Fun filled weekend

This past weekend, I celebrated my best friends birthday.  We had a blast.  We enjoyed a boat ride on Lake Allatoona in a friends boat.  I even got to drive it!  I thought he had lost his mind when he asked us if we wanted to drive.  I figured we would end up on some rocks somewhere, but alas we are safe. 

After the two hour boat ride, we picked up gifts from her mom then headed to a concert at Chastain Park.  Chastain Park is an open amphitheatre that patrons bring food and drinks to.  It looks a little fancy to see people sitting at the provided tables or in the seats but the viewers bring little tables with them so they can enjoy their meal while watching the concert.  It was super hot that day, so they gave everyone little hand fans as they came in the gates.  We had a throw back concert, so we went to see Boys II Men and EnVogue.  It was a nice concert, but HOT. 

The next day, we went to an Atlanta Falcons game.  Now, neither of us are sports fans, but we figured it would be a fun experience.  It was. We had a blast and I was good and tired by the time Sunday came.   Here are just a few, fuzzy pictures to share.

Talk to you all soon.


Shoes and beauty haul

I took a little break from my blog because I was completing my Capstone for school. Afterwards, I was exhausted from the late nights of writing a 20 page paper, but am so happy that it is done and final grades have posted, so I am officially done with classes. Woo Hooo!

However, on to more exciting things. I have purchases to share. Whenever the summer is winding down, I begin to look for closed toe shoes for the fall. As you all may know, summer is my favorite season and I love wearing sandals. Closed toe shoes are not my favorites to search for but I saw some leopard print beauties at Aldo’s recently and had to buy them. They are very cute and very comfortable. They have a lot of cushion in the bottom, and are really flexible. There were multiple colors, so I am contemplating purchasing another pair in a different color.

The sandals may be very recognizable. Lane Bryant had these in black and animal print all summer long, but I passed on buying them. The gold embellishments are actually plastic which I really didn’t love, but they went on clearance in the last few weeks, so I decided to go ahead and get the black pair. Lane Bryant only have wide shoes, so they are a little big for me, but I have been enjoying wearing them. They were a good, clearance buy.

I purchased my first Deborah Lippmann nail polish and I love it! It is called Boom Boom Pow. It’s a glitter polish, but it does not give a textured feel on the nails which I absolutely love. The Butter London polish in the picture with it is not a new purchase, but these two polished have been what I have been wearing on my nails for the entire month of August. They are beautiful together. The Butter London polish is called Tea with the queen. This is a beautiful pairing.

Mac released a new collection this week called, A Novel Romance. Now, I love romance books so this was a collection after my own little heart. I needed something from it just because they ad looks like a cover of a historical romance book. 😀 I only purchased one thing which is the lipstick, Lingering Kiss. It is definitely a fall shade for me. It’s a very deep wine color, and also a matte finish which is my favorite. I also purchased a regular line item, which is the lipstick, Cherish. I’m still on the fence about whether I like the color on me. I can definitely make it work with lip liner, but I’m not sure it’s the right fit for my skin tone.

Speaking of lip liners, I went in Sephora during their all about lips campaign. I tried on a pretty purple lipstick which was paired with the OCC Lip liner in Hoochie. Yes…Hoochie is the name. I thought that was pretty funny. I already have so many purple lip sticks, but no lip liners, so I did go ahead and purchase that since it would look beautiful with my Up the Amp or Heroine lipsticks.

Finally, I purchased a Nars Concealer. Most of the summer, I have not been wearing foundation, but I needed something to cover up a few spots that developed on my face. I bought the Radiant creamy concealer in Cafe. The color is a perfect match for my skin and covers up the dark spots really well. I have been carrying this in my purse this past month and just dabbing it on when I need it. I am enjoying it.

Talk to you all soon.

New Purchase – Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy eyeshadow pallet

Yes, I had to do it. I was watching one of my favorite youtubers this morning and she was showing this pallet in her video and I just had to have it. Honestly, I don’t own a pallet with these colors in it. Most of my pallets are neutral, but I wanted this one specifically for the caramel and morocco colors. They are beautiful. I have included swatches in the picture. When I first saw the color Iridescent purple, it reminded me of my Urban Decay color Asphyxia. I will have to swatch these colors next to each other to see how or if they are very different. After swatching Iridescent purple, I think Asphyxia may be brighter, but we will see. I can’t wait to try a few one of two shadow looks with these colors. Since, I did not buy myself a birthday gift last week, I will use that as my excuse for this purchase!

Talk to you all soon.

July Favorites

There were a few things that I really enjoyed using this month.


1.  Glamglow Thirstymud hydrating treatment – This product is really, surprisingly great.  I’m not sure what I was expecting of it, but whenever I think of a facial treatment, I think of a thick, sticky, messy substance that  feels like mud.  This is actually just a truly lightweight product that just glides onto your skin.  It is slightly sticky, but I have been able to sleep with it on my face without fear of it messing up my sheets.  The bonus is it really makes my skin feel super soft and hydrated.  I tend to get really dry patches of skin around my nose and eyebrows and a patch here and there on my cheeks.  I have not had any issues since I started using this.  The first week that I used it, I was also using a sample of a DIOR serum which I was also enjoying (but at $145 price tag, I am to afraid to bite the bullet on that one).  After that was out, I was only using the Glamglow, so I really feel that this is a really good product for my skin.

2.  Anastasia Brow Wiz in Granite – Filling in my eyebrows is a completely new regime for me.  I have pretty thick brows, but they taper off at the ends.  Well, this really helps me get both of them to look somewhat similar without looking like I took a marker to my brows.  It can be as subtle or as strong as you want it to be.

3.  Great Lash clear mascara/brow gel –  This helps to keep my brows in place after using my brow wiz.  I had previously been using the Milani brow wax pencil, but it tends to make my brows itchy.  The Great Lash brow gel has worked wonderfully.  My brows still feel and look soft, but stay perfectly in place all day.

4.  Hourglass ambient lighting blush in diffused heat – This has pretty much been the blush I have worn all summer.  It really does give a radiant glow to the cheeks.  It just give a light color to my cheeks with a little bit of glow.  It’s not glittery or sparkly, it just has a slight shimmer that looks perfect in the sunlight.

5.  Victoria Secret’s Endless Sunset lotion and body spray – The last thing I needed this summer was more fragrances, but when V.S. had their semi-annual sale, I just had to stop in and look. Anything named summer, sunset, moonlight, etc. is going to draw my attention.  So this set was calling my name.  It smells amazing.  It’s got a slight coconut smell, but not as strong as my second favorite of the summer which is Oahu by Bath and Body Works.  Oahu can be a little stronger than I like, but Endless Sunset is perfect.  I can use both the lotion and spray without feeling like I am going run people off with the overpowering scent.

Summer is winding down, but I am really enjoying these few items this summer.  August is here, which is my birthday month, so I plan on enjoying it to the fullest. I plan to enjoy the shorts, sunshine, and beaches all month long.

Talk to you all soon.