Fun filled weekend

This past weekend, I celebrated my best friends birthday.  We had a blast.  We enjoyed a boat ride on Lake Allatoona in a friends boat.  I even got to drive it!  I thought he had lost his mind when he asked us if we wanted to drive.  I figured we would end up on some rocks somewhere, but alas we are safe. 

After the two hour boat ride, we picked up gifts from her mom then headed to a concert at Chastain Park.  Chastain Park is an open amphitheatre that patrons bring food and drinks to.  It looks a little fancy to see people sitting at the provided tables or in the seats but the viewers bring little tables with them so they can enjoy their meal while watching the concert.  It was super hot that day, so they gave everyone little hand fans as they came in the gates.  We had a throw back concert, so we went to see Boys II Men and EnVogue.  It was a nice concert, but HOT. 

The next day, we went to an Atlanta Falcons game.  Now, neither of us are sports fans, but we figured it would be a fun experience.  It was. We had a blast and I was good and tired by the time Sunday came.   Here are just a few, fuzzy pictures to share.

Talk to you all soon.

Charleston, SC

This past weekend, I went on a day trip to South Carolina.  I had a pretty good time.  I didn’t think it was as nice as Savannah or Hilton Head, but it was a nice day.  I went with my best friend, so we were all geared up for a lot of sun, fun, and shopping.  When we arrived, we were surprised at how congested the area was.  It was so busy!  We parked in the parking deck near the welcome center, went in and browsed through a couple of brochures for tours, then watched some of the videos on the history of the area.  I must say that their welcome center was very advanced.  I don’t believe I have ever seen one like that with such advanced technology being used.  It was interesting. 

We decided not to go on any formal tours, but instead just hit the main street in search of lunch.  We ended up going to Hyman’s Seafood.  My friend looked up local restaurants and saw that one had a very good rating, so off we went to test it out.  It was pretty good.  I had fried whiting and fries (very basic, I know).  It was a pretty good portion and I couldn’t eat it all.  

Oh, on our way to Hyman’s, we passed a park that was having a dog show.  Now, my friend is deathly afraid of any animals with fur, so I’m shocked she wasn’t running out screaming into oncoming traffic the moment she saw it.  We made it by though.  We saw an upscale consignment shop that we went inside.  They had everything from Jimmy Choo’s, Chanel, and other high priced brands.  The place was jammed packed with merchandise, so it was hard to maneuver through all of the racks of clothes.  I think that is what turns me off from a lot of consignment shops.  They are just so darn cluttered.  It’s not very inviting for me, but for people that really enjoy searching for a great deal, they would have enjoyed this place.  While we were there, we saw a woman walk in with a Kate Spade bag, so we knew there was more shopping somewhere near by!  Well after searching for shopping while we ate, we found out that the shopping district was one block over.  HERE WE GO! 

Shop, Shop, Shop, Shop!  I surprising didn’t buy anything.  Not from the lack of trying, believe me. I had a limited amount of money to spend so I wanted to see everything first before making a decision. Unfortunately, nothing really screamed at me to buy it.  I did see a lot of interested t-shirts with a twist in Anthropologie.  I might just go to their website and make a few purchases.  I really wish they would have had a Zara.  If there was one there, I missed it.  We went into Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and a ton of other places.  They were having a tax free day as well, so anything purchased would have been tax exempt.   Sad I didn’t find anything.  I did go into a store and saw a beautiful purse that I considered buying.  It was $489, so I decided against that. 

After leaving the shopping district, we headed for Folly beach.  O.M.G.  It was cram packed.  We couldn’t even find a parking spot.  This is what I would imagine spring break to look like….even though it wasn’t spring break.  There were people and cars everywhere.  We never did find a parking spot, so we ended up circling around a couple times, then trying to make our  way out of there.  No beach or ocean for me. (Sad girl)

It was an alright trip, but I think next time I will stick with Panama City, Savannah (Tybee Island), or Hilton Head. 


Bye for now….