So many things…..


I know. I haven’t written a post in such a long time. I don’t really have any excuses on that. I think I ran steam to write about anything until now.

Last year in January, my best friend attempted to take her life. This year, two days ago, another of my best friends attempted to take her own life. Thankfully each of these have been unsuccessful, but I’m at the point where I feel helpless. My first friend is on the up and up and have been doing very well with therapy, a job change and just a mind reset. She’s good.
Now, for my other friend…she is in a state where I don’t think they take mental health issues as seriously as they do in Georgia. My first friend got excellent help.

I’m trying to look into what the laws are in TX. I’ve also gotten her significant other’s information to talk with him personally and tell him how serious this situation is. She needs more than a kind word. It’s beyond that. The thing is…sometimes people are struggling but they want to continue to put on the air of strength. That is my friend. She knows she is struggling but will say that she’s fine. I hope that I’m helping, but I also feel lost at not knowing what to say or do. All I do know is, these are tough and serious times. I now know that sometimes…professional help is the only answer.

That’s all I have for now….


Am I the toxic friend?



I’ve read several articles/books/stories about friendship and they all mention a toxic friend.  Now, I don’t think I’m the toxic friend, but lately I seem to be truly evaluating my existence as a friend.  It may be because it’s the holiday season where everyone is more attentive than usual that I begin to wonder “What type of friend am I?”

If you can’t tell by this blog, I’m a bit of a loner.  I have friends.  I have great friends.  I have friends that I have had for over twenty years.  Most of the time, though, I like to be alone.  After I leave work some nights, I don’t have a conversation with a single person other than myself…and I actually like it.  Perhaps it’s because I spend a lot of my day talking to coworkers and customers giving and taking instructions.  Dealing with issues and problems for eight to nine hours a day is draining. So often, when I leave, I just want peace and quiet.  Because of this, I often don’t call or see my friends enough.

So I ask, Am I a bad friend?  I’m always there for my friends.  That is a given.