It’s Fall

Well, it’s finally fall. My favorite season is summer, however there is something about fall that is a little romantic. Watching the leaves turn colors and the crispness in the air is refreshing. It often becomes the season where I start to feel a little lonely as a single girl. Maybe it’s the hallmark movies that does that to me :-). Let’s be honest though…I can find a little romance in all the seasons but fall…it’s special.

Lately I have been finding myself trying to figure out what are the things that make me happy. I think this year and the past few actually, I have let my self care go a little. Maybe this fall is the time to start getting that back and going out to enjoy some social activities like walking in the park with a hot cup of cocoa. Putting my beautiful bedding on my bed to further “romanticize my life”.

Working on me. That’s going to be my theme for fall. Maybe I will finally go apple picking. I have always loved the idea of Fall Harvest so maybe it’s time to do some of the things that I have always wanted to do.

Til next time……