Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification

I finally caved and purchased a YSL lipstick. Honestly, I have been wanting one for over a year, but just could not justify the price in my head. Well, I finally did it and I could not be happier. I made sure to get a color that was very wearable. There were two colors that I was interested in which were, #5 Volupte Sheer Candy and #19 Fuchsia in Range.

As I mulled over my decision, it was quickly made for me! They were completely out of #19, so #5 it was. I have been wearing it since I walked out of the store with it. It is surprisingly long wearing. It is so moisturizing and sheer that I thought it wouldn’t last long on my lips but it does. A very pleasant surprise. The color is sheer, but it gives a perfect tint of the red color. Lipsticks last me forever, so I’m sure I will have this for a very long time.

I love my weekend purchase, and I have already gotten compliments on it which makes it even more worth it in my book. Talk to you all soon….



Obsessed with black and white

This summer, I have been wearing mostly black and white.  I have been absolutely obsessed with it.  I’m thinking of doing a photo look book with all the black and white items that I have purchased.  I have another Maxi dress that I bought that it black and white stripes, but I have not worn it yet because I would love to wear a yellow shrug with it.  I’m having a hard time finding one because I want it to be a bright yellow!  No dull colors for me when I need that pop.  

Gold is also slowly finding its way back into my accessory line up.  I have always enjoyed silver more, but when rose gold became so popular, I thought the pink tint made it so much better.  Silver is still my preference, but with my black and white wardrobe, I have been added a little gold here and there for a little something special! 

I can’t wait to take pictures of it all.  Image

Have a positive attitude

Have a positive attitude

Whether you wake up feeling great or feeling down, it can affect the rest of your day. Do you know that your demeanor around others affect them? Sometimes the vibe that you receive from someone is based on the vibe that you are giving off. If you look and sound positive, you will receive positivity back and vice versa. So smile and shake off that negative energy. It will make your day a lot better.

Awkward Dating Stories

Awkward Dating Stories

Recently, I met an older gentlemen who actually thought I was much younger than I am. Well, we had been talking on the phone, texting, and even went on one date. This was probably over the course of two weeks. Well, I really don’t like clingy guys and I pretty much told him that when he asked me about myself. One day, he sent me a text after we had not spoken for one day and asked, “Did I miss him?”

Well…hmmm, I didn’t really know what to say. I mean, I didn’t really miss him. I barely noticed that I hadn’t spoken to him just because I had been keeping busy. So, I tried to avert the question and just said “Just been keeping myself busy.”

Well, he didn’t take the hint and asked again! So I said, well, not really because I’ve been a little busy. I had no idea what to say! I didn’t want to lie. I’m so horrible at dating. Anyway, after I said that he says “I was just joking.” :crickets: Oops, my bad! Shouldn’t have asked.

That was one of many of my awkward dating stories. Has anyone ever experienced this? What should I have done?

Talk to you all later!

Outfit of the day

Outfit of the day

I have never been one to wear a Maxi dress because I just never thought they were flattering on me. A. I’m a plus sized girl, and not necessarily a curvy one. I think they look super cute on curvy girls. B. I’m short, only 5’3, so they are usually to long. However, I tried on the cutest two dresses in Lane Bryant last week and I had to get them. Here is one of them (printed maxi tube dress w/a white linen shrug). It also made getting dressed for work easy peasy that morning!

Today’s Make Up look

Today's Make Up look

I’m not wearing much on my face this morning, but I’m really into filling in my brows. I had never really done this before, and since my eyebrows aren’t really thin, I did not think this was something that I needed to do. Ohhh, have I been wrong. I really love it. It has taken a little time to get used to it because at first, I would fill them in a little to much and they would be really dark. ha. However, I’m getting the hang of it and loving it more and more so here is what I am wearing this morning.

Brows – Anastasia Brow Wiz (Granite) and Milani’s clear brow shaping wax
Lashes – Malley Volumizing Mascara (Black)
Lips – Bite lipstick (Palamino)

Reduced the shine on my face a little using my Mally evercolor poreless face defender. No blush which is rare for me because I’m usually a little obsessed with that, but I was running late this morning.

Have a great day.

Summer Bag

Summer Bag

This purse by Kate Spade makes me happy. I have been struggling to find the perfect purse for me. The ones that I had were just to large. I would often lose things in the bottom of them, which is my pet peeve. I love pretty purses and tend to splurge and buy one every 6 months or so. I lucked up on this one because it was on clearance at the Kate Spade New York Outlet. It is navy and white. Now, it is a style that they carry regularly, however I think this one was on clearance because it is stark white. There is a two toned one that is not clearance, that is more of an off white as the main color. I have had this for about two weeks and I really love it. It’s not to deep that things sink to the bottom and cause you to have to dump out all of the contents to locate that one thing. It has the standard compartment for a phone and a zip pocket inside, and the one zip pocket outside. It’s a beauty. I think I am set for the summer.