Obsessed with black and white

This summer, I have been wearing mostly black and white.  I have been absolutely obsessed with it.  I’m thinking of doing a photo look book with all the black and white items that I have purchased.  I have another Maxi dress that I bought that it black and white stripes, but I have not worn it yet because I would love to wear a yellow shrug with it.  I’m having a hard time finding one because I want it to be a bright yellow!  No dull colors for me when I need that pop.  

Gold is also slowly finding its way back into my accessory line up.  I have always enjoyed silver more, but when rose gold became so popular, I thought the pink tint made it so much better.  Silver is still my preference, but with my black and white wardrobe, I have been added a little gold here and there for a little something special! 

I can’t wait to take pictures of it all.  Image


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