Awkward Dating Stories

Awkward Dating Stories

Recently, I met an older gentlemen who actually thought I was much younger than I am. Well, we had been talking on the phone, texting, and even went on one date. This was probably over the course of two weeks. Well, I really don’t like clingy guys and I pretty much told him that when he asked me about myself. One day, he sent me a text after we had not spoken for one day and asked, “Did I miss him?”

Well…hmmm, I didn’t really know what to say. I mean, I didn’t really miss him. I barely noticed that I hadn’t spoken to him just because I had been keeping busy. So, I tried to avert the question and just said “Just been keeping myself busy.”

Well, he didn’t take the hint and asked again! So I said, well, not really because I’ve been a little busy. I had no idea what to say! I didn’t want to lie. I’m so horrible at dating. Anyway, after I said that he says “I was just joking.” :crickets: Oops, my bad! Shouldn’t have asked.

That was one of many of my awkward dating stories. Has anyone ever experienced this? What should I have done?

Talk to you all later!


4 thoughts on “Awkward Dating Stories

  1. heartbeatapp says:

    Sometimes a white lie can help 😉

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