Black Friday!

What an exciting night it was. This was the first year that I have ever gone to the mall on Black Friday. Normally, when I shop on the day after Thanksgiving, I go to outlying stores to peruse and see if I can find a good deal on stocking stuffers. This year, I decided to go all out. I left the house at 10pm on Thursday night to stand in the line at Belk with the hopes of winning a $1000 gift card! It was cold, not not unbearable. I am in Georgia, after all. Belk was giving away gift cards to the first 250 customers. When I pulled up, I saw the line wrapped around the building, and thought for sure I wouldn’t be getting one. But about 45 minutes after getting in line, I saw a Belk manager coming around counting. I would soon find out if I was one of the lucky customers. About 30 minutes later, she came back out with her bull horn and notified us all that they actually had 390 gift cards. Wooooo Hoooo. I was sure I was in! They started handing out the claim checks, and i was number 190, so I would have gotten one even if they only had 250 cards. 🙂 Once I handed in my lovely claim check, and had my gift card in hand, I headed straight for the jewelry section to claim a rose gold watch as a gift. I went to pay for my watch and unfortunately I was not the lucky winner of the $1000 reward. I did, however, get a $25 gift card for my time. I’ll take it!

After my time in Belk, I actually went out into the mall among to HUGE crowd of people. It really was amazing the amount of people in the mall at midnight. I avoided Victoria Secret and Bath & Body Works like the plague as those lines were outrageously long. I made one more purchase in Macy’s then called it a night. I was actually in the mall for about 3 hours. After leaving the mall, I went to Ulta, Target and Old Navy (which also had an outrageously long line). All in all, it was a fun night. I had a blast walking around with all of the excited Christmas shoppers and I can say that no violence or craziness occurred. Everyone seemed on their best behavior so I was proud of my GA mall goers. I will probably NEVER do it again, but it was worth the one time experience.


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