The beginning of last year, I found myself thrown back into my youth when I became obsessed with the television show, Moonlighting, again. It took all my worries away and I would lay on my sofa in the living room and watch episode after episode. I now own four seasons. I have been unable to locate the fifth season. The point of this post is to say, I miss the girl of my youth. I had so many dreams and even though I still have dreams, it feels that when you become an adult with responsibilities, your dreams seem so far off and unattainable. It feels as if life is passing you by and the thought of starting over to pursue these dreams is just scary. I have decided that this year will be a year of list making and scratching off the accomplishments as I go. That list will include some of my dreams. They may be on a smaller scale, but I’m determined to make this year a great one by achieving some of my goals. I don’t think did that at all last year. Last year, I just was flying by the seat of my pants and dealing with everything being tossed at me as they happened. This year, I will try to be proactive. This means that I will be seeking to control every situation in my life instead of reacting to it. Wish me luck!



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