Who Am I? What do I believe?

With all the violence going on in the U.S. right now, it is leading to many arguments, conversations and debates on social media.  Today I had a conversation with a family member that made me ask myself what I believe in.  I grew up attending Baptist churches and my family is pretty religious so whenever turmoil like this is happening, their first answer is to pray.  I do not have an issue with this at all.  I think prayer is good.  However, someone recently posted that you cannot believe in God if you don’t believe in Jesus.  I had to speak up and tell her that Ido not believe that is true.  There are many people who believe in God, but don’t believe in Jesus.  It does not make them any less religious or any less of a christian. So after having this little discussion, I had to ask myself what do I believe?

I have always considered myself a Christian, however I have also always known that I think differently. I believe in God and I believe in Jesus Christ.  I do not believe that God and Jesus are the same.  I believe that there is only one God and that Jesus is the son of God. I believe those are two different entities.  I may have issues with the bible and its role in our troubled society due to misinterpretation, but I always believed in its truth.  Does that now mean that I am not a Christian?  I don’t know.  But it took me a long time to get to this place with my religious beliefs.  I went through a period where I felt that I didn’t belong in that faith.

I now attend a non-denominational church that has the motto Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness.  I love everyone.  I have friends of different race, different religions, different sex, and different economic background and I love them all.  I can accept that they are different than I am and KNOW that they are good people.  I refuse to be a part of any group that thinks they are better than another.  The only person that anyone will have to answer to is God…whenever they meet him.  My job is to love you and treat you with respect as a human being.

Maybe if we all could live by this, this world wouldn’t be so tough.  LOVE!


Just my little rant until next time…..


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