The other week, I went into Ulta and saw that they had a new brand called Mally. Now, I had heard one of my favorite beauty vloggers, Crystalis007, talk about this brand and she loves it. She is always talking about the Poreless Face Defender because it helps to keep her from shining throughout the day, so I decided to try it.

Of course, being the instant gratification type person that I am, I took it out of the box as I was leaving the store so that I can put it on my face! I know, I’m a little ridiculous but I just couldn’t help myself. Now, I mentioned before that I like wearing the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer on it’s own because it keeps my shine away so I was wondering if this would be similar only in a compact with a sponge. So, I open the box and remove all of the contents which were the compact and the sponge. My first thought was how gigantic the sponge is. Personally, I think it’s to big, It’s not so easy to get the product on it because it’s so bulky but never the less, I dipped it in and got some on and immediately placed a little on my shiny nose. Well, it was o.k. but it seems like it made me look super dry. My nose was a little oily before I put it on, but when I put it on it seems like I had dry patches. I don’t know. It was just odd. Now this is just my initial reaction to the product and I have not tried it since so I will use it again over my foundation and see how I do with that. It sounds like an interesting product.

On a brighter note though, I got a free gift with my purchase. It is the Mally volumizing mascara. Now, this I instantly loved. Sometimes mascara can irritate my eyes, so a lot of it ends up sitting in a drawer. I have been wearing this one almost every day since I got it and it has been great. There was no irritation and it makes my lashes look great. Should have taken a picture of it. Maybe I will include it on the next photo of my new buys.

Talk to you all soon.