Crazy Week

It has been a crazy week for me.  I spent a day in a half stuck in the house because of the ice storm in Atlanta.  The snow storm from two weeks ago really scared us crapless.  I know I did not want another ten hour drive home and apparently no one else did either!  Our streets were almost completely abandoned except for the news people who covered the weather non-stop. It was a little over kill on their behalf, but I appreciated the effort I think.  Thank goodness for YouTube.  I spent the time searching for new vloggers watch.  Even though, I really should have been working on a blog post since I have been missing in action for about two weeks.

On top of the storm, I was preparing for a test for the last class I was in and writing a paper.  Because of the storm though, the last class and test was cancelled.  I can’t say that I was sad to hear that. Tests always stress me out.

In addition to finding a couple of new vloggers, I have become slightly addicted to the new series on STARZ, Black Sails!  OK, now anyone who has been reading my blog knows that I love romance books.  Historical romances can certainly romanticize pirates, and looking at the extremely sexy but dangerous Charles Vane has given my fantasies a very needed boost!  Woah….long, dark hair, light eyes, scruffy beard, and a commanding presence is all that is needed to make me a happy viewer!  He has filled the void that Game of Thrones left when they killed off my Khal Drogo!  Thank you STARZ.

Talk to you all soon…..


Snowed in Atlanta

Wow! I can say that I was one of the fortunate people that actually made it home last night even though it took me ten hours to do so. It was unbelievable what I saw out there yesterday. Cars were just stuck on ice or parked on the side of the road because drivers had given up on even attempting to get home. I understand that. By the time I got home, my nerves were shot. I went straight to bed after eating a handful of fruit snacks.

Now, I moved to the South to get away from the snow and cold, so it always annoys me when I have to deal with it and the situations that occur because of it. I immediately thought to myself that I need to move to yet another warm climate. But then, I was moved by all the good Samaritans that I encountered. There were civilians who came from their warm houses to try to help all the stranded drivers out of the ice. There were some who even had boxes of salt, to put down under car tires to help the motorists. Finally, when I was oh so close to home at 10pm last night, there was a couple out walking down the road offering muffins and water to the drivers that had been out there for possibly more than eight hours like myself! I was to nervous to take anything to eat or drink because I was afraid it would make me have to find a restroom. I had done well with that so far.

I am still having trouble even comprehending everything that happened. All I can say is that I have never seen anything like it and hope that I never do again. The biggest lesson learned? Although Georgia may get on television saying how ready they are for the storm, they are not. Georgia DOT will never be able to handle snow and ice in an effective way so next time snow and ice is predicted….I’m staying home.