National Lipstick Day 2015

Today is National Lipstick day.  Last year, I posted the lipstick that I was wearing that day, and decided to do the same this year.   This is Flirty Fuchsia by Milani.  I love this color.  A bold lip color can make quite a statement and be a reminder of how great rocking one can be.  What lip color are you wearing today?


3 thoughts on “National Lipstick Day 2015

  1. I have that one too! It’s so great, and it would seem I missed the memo on national lipstick day! DANG IT!

    • hbogirl says:

      It’s a beautiful color. Milani is one of my favorite brands for lipstick. You still have time! Throw on a lippy and snap a picture. 🙂

      • I can’t even remember what I put on this morning, I came home got a pedicure with my mom took my dog out when my husband left, and she licked off pretty much my whole face!

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