Summer Revisited

As the leaves start to turn colors, I decided to do a final goodbye to the summer.  It was a beautiful one.  Summer has always been my favorite season.  There is just something about staring out at the summer skies with the smell of fresh cut grass. Or in my case, sitting in my car (away from the bugs) at night with the sunroof open and the seat leaned all the way back staring up at the stars.  Sigh!  Well goodbye summer.  I will see you in a few months. Attached is a picture of one of my favorite outfits of the summer.  The jumpsuit is from the Vera Bradley for Target collection, the denim vest is from Lane Bryant, the denim shoes are from Nine West, the studded wrap watch is from Francesca’s.

Until next time…..


3 days in outfits

This was fun to do last week, so I am doing it again.  Here are three outfits from last week.  All of the clothes are from Lane Bryant.  The yellow shoes are an old classic that I purchased from Boston Store in Wisconsin about three years ago.  The strappy sandals with the flowers on top are also a classic from a few years ago. I believe they are Aerosoles, but unfortunately I believe they are past their prime.  The sandals with the gold details were featured on my blog last year.  They are from Lane Bryant.  Hope you all enjoy!

Talk to you all soon!

A few outfits from last week

Here are a few outfits from last week. Everything is from Lane Bryant except the striped dress.  That was purchased from Saks off Fifth.  The black flat sandals are Nine West.  The wedge sandals are Reaction by Kenneth Cole.  The summer weather had me feeling very flirty, so dresses/skirts were worn three of the five work days.

Talk to you all soon!

A few new fall essentials

Since it has been getting colder here in Georgia, I have been in need of a few more long sleeved shirts.  I purchased a shirt from Torrid that is a long sleeve v-neck with hearts all over it. I also purchased a long sleeved shirt that is a similar material to a thin sweatshirt from Lane Bryant.  This one has shiny snowflake-like designs all over it.  I raced around to 4 stores to find this one in my size as it went on clearance very quickly.  Ironically, I found a similar one as I was dashing around town at Dress Barn that was made of a thinner material and a darker gray color.  I already wore that one, so forgot to take a picture but I will put a link below if I can find one.

Of course, no month would be complete without a few beauty buys so I did get a few new lip colors at the Sephora VIB event.  I purchased another Matte creme lip crayon from Bite Beauty in the color Aubergine.  This was actually the color that I wanted when I purchased the color cognac which was mentioned in one of my previous posts, however the Sephora that I was at was out of that color at the time.  A Kat Von D lipstick also made its way into my shopping basket.  I got Studded Kiss lipstick rouge a levres in the color prayer.  This color is beautiful and since matte’s are my favorite formula for lipsticks, so I know I will love it. I also came across a new item from Josie Maran called the Coconut watercolor lip stain. I got the color Coral Oasis.  I really love it!  It has a lip stain on one side, and gloss on the other.  This is probably a color more suited for spring/summer but I think it’s beautiful and wore it most of the day yesterday.  I also purchased my favorite from Fresh which is the Sugar tinted lip treatment in the color rose.  I have been addicted to these for a couple of years.  They are so moisturizing, and I like to wear it not only during the day, but at night to keep my lips from getting chapped.

Finally, I have become somewhat addicted to perfume roller balls.  I have bought practically every scent by Marc Jacobs.  Roller balls seem to be perfect for me since I find that the sprays last forever and I will rarely finish them before getting tired of the scent.  I have a few favorites that I will wear forever and never get sick of such as Dior’s Ja’dore, but for the most part…roller balls are the way to go.

Well there you go!  A new post that helps me sort out my shopping obsession.  I will talk to you all soon!


Dress Barn

Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Pallete in Plum Quartz

I picked up this eye shadow pallete a couple days ago. The color of the shadows were really pretty. The metallic finish is not to shimmery and just looked so creamy. I’ve only worn them once so far, and I still need a more time to evaluate whether I like it. I do like the colors, but they are not as pigmented as I thought they would be. They also have a little bit of fallout. I may try them out wet as I think that may have much better results than wearing them dry. I think I will try that and report back.

Talk to you all soon.

New clothing buys

Over the past few weeks, I have made a few purchases at some really good sales, and some not so great sales, but I felt that I had to have the item. You know…immediate gratification and all. In the pictures, the black and white dress and the brown multi-colored dress are both from Lane Bryant. Lane Bryant has been having a great clearance sale while they prepare their inventory for fall. The black and white dress is actually from the Lane Collection which is now called 6th & Lane. I purchased both of these dresses for under $25 each.

The black skirt with LONG slits on both sides and the Love Never Fades tee are from Old Navy. I love Old Navy and had not been in there all summer. The skirt was $29.99, and I believe the tee was $16.99. The skirt was a little pricey, but I thought it would be a great addition to my wardrobe and I have worn it quite a bit since I purchased it. I’m really going to miss the summer. I am always most comfortable in my clothes during the summer, so here comes my challenging time which is fall.

Talk to you all soon!

Shoes and beauty haul

I took a little break from my blog because I was completing my Capstone for school. Afterwards, I was exhausted from the late nights of writing a 20 page paper, but am so happy that it is done and final grades have posted, so I am officially done with classes. Woo Hooo!

However, on to more exciting things. I have purchases to share. Whenever the summer is winding down, I begin to look for closed toe shoes for the fall. As you all may know, summer is my favorite season and I love wearing sandals. Closed toe shoes are not my favorites to search for but I saw some leopard print beauties at Aldo’s recently and had to buy them. They are very cute and very comfortable. They have a lot of cushion in the bottom, and are really flexible. There were multiple colors, so I am contemplating purchasing another pair in a different color.

The sandals may be very recognizable. Lane Bryant had these in black and animal print all summer long, but I passed on buying them. The gold embellishments are actually plastic which I really didn’t love, but they went on clearance in the last few weeks, so I decided to go ahead and get the black pair. Lane Bryant only have wide shoes, so they are a little big for me, but I have been enjoying wearing them. They were a good, clearance buy.

I purchased my first Deborah Lippmann nail polish and I love it! It is called Boom Boom Pow. It’s a glitter polish, but it does not give a textured feel on the nails which I absolutely love. The Butter London polish in the picture with it is not a new purchase, but these two polished have been what I have been wearing on my nails for the entire month of August. They are beautiful together. The Butter London polish is called Tea with the queen. This is a beautiful pairing.

Mac released a new collection this week called, A Novel Romance. Now, I love romance books so this was a collection after my own little heart. I needed something from it just because they ad looks like a cover of a historical romance book. 😀 I only purchased one thing which is the lipstick, Lingering Kiss. It is definitely a fall shade for me. It’s a very deep wine color, and also a matte finish which is my favorite. I also purchased a regular line item, which is the lipstick, Cherish. I’m still on the fence about whether I like the color on me. I can definitely make it work with lip liner, but I’m not sure it’s the right fit for my skin tone.

Speaking of lip liners, I went in Sephora during their all about lips campaign. I tried on a pretty purple lipstick which was paired with the OCC Lip liner in Hoochie. Yes…Hoochie is the name. I thought that was pretty funny. I already have so many purple lip sticks, but no lip liners, so I did go ahead and purchase that since it would look beautiful with my Up the Amp or Heroine lipsticks.

Finally, I purchased a Nars Concealer. Most of the summer, I have not been wearing foundation, but I needed something to cover up a few spots that developed on my face. I bought the Radiant creamy concealer in Cafe. The color is a perfect match for my skin and covers up the dark spots really well. I have been carrying this in my purse this past month and just dabbing it on when I need it. I am enjoying it.

Talk to you all soon.

New Purchase – Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy eyeshadow pallet

Yes, I had to do it. I was watching one of my favorite youtubers this morning and she was showing this pallet in her video and I just had to have it. Honestly, I don’t own a pallet with these colors in it. Most of my pallets are neutral, but I wanted this one specifically for the caramel and morocco colors. They are beautiful. I have included swatches in the picture. When I first saw the color Iridescent purple, it reminded me of my Urban Decay color Asphyxia. I will have to swatch these colors next to each other to see how or if they are very different. After swatching Iridescent purple, I think Asphyxia may be brighter, but we will see. I can’t wait to try a few one of two shadow looks with these colors. Since, I did not buy myself a birthday gift last week, I will use that as my excuse for this purchase!

Talk to you all soon.

Calvin Klein Skirt (OOTD)

I bought a new skirt from Belk for 60% off this weekend.  I originally planned on wearing this skirt as a dress because it’s so long, so I figured that people may not know the difference.  I changed my mind this morning after I found a pretty yellow flower necklace at Charming Charlies.  So, I decided to wear a yellow tank and a white, knit shrug jacket instead.   I got the shrug from Belk at 75% off.  I was out getting bargains last Friday.  Anyway, here is today’s work attire.

Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment

Oh yes.  I saw Tati of Glam Life Guru on YouTube talking about this product and I figured this might be something that I wanted to try.  Now, I remember her mentioning how expensive it was, but I had no clue that it would be $69!  However, if you know me, you know I caved and purchased it anyway.  My skin is not bad, but it is always very dry.  Most of the time, moisturizers just make me feel and look oily.  I still use them, but I have always had my eyes out for something that I may like more.  Well, this is it!  I don’t know if it’s all in my head about how soft my skin feels, but there was a little rough patch on the bottom, right of my chin that is no longer there.  My face feels so amazingly soft, and the results were quick.  Because my face does not look so dry, it seems to have a little bit of a glow.  My face was super soft even after the first use.  I put just a little bit of the treatment on my face (want to be to careful not to be overdoing it with this expensive stuff), and leave it on for about 15 -20 minutes at night before I go to bed.  I am very excited about this find.  Have you tried it?  What were your thoughts?


Talk to you all soon!